Blue Badge Criteria

In order to be granted a Blue Badge within the UK you must meet a certain criteria which has been compiled. This criteria has been designed to ensure that those people who most need help receive it. Each local authority is responsible for managing the Blue Badge policy within their local area. Whilst is the responsibility of the local authority, this is a national scheme that operates throughout the UK. There are certain exceptions where the Blue Badge will not provide free parking. The boroughs that are excluded from the scheme are the City of London, City of Westminster, Camden and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

You meet the criteria for a Blue Bade is you are in receipt of the higher rate of mobility component of Disability Living Allowance. If you are already receiving this benefit you will have been assessed and therefore you become automatically eligible for the Blue Badge.

People are registered blind are also within the criteria for a Blue Badge; although they are reminded that they must be in the car at all times when the badge is in use. A strict policy is in place regarding the misuse of the Blue Bade; this can result in the benefits being removed.

If you have been part of the armed forces and now receive a War PensionerÕs Mobility Supplement you have will eligible to receive a Blue Badge. You may be required to prove that you are in receipt of the supplement.

The criteria states that people who have difficulty walking may be eligible to claim a Blue Badge. This difficulty must be permanent and be of a substantial nature; temporary injuries do not meet the required criteria. Your doctor may be asked to confirm that they feel you are suitable to receive a Blue Badge once they have assessed your disability.

Drivers who have a severe disability in both arms which provides them with difficulty operating a vehicle or drivers who are unable to operate a vehicle due to the disability are also eligible for the Blue Badge. This disability is also relevant for people who are unable to operate parking meters as a result of the disability they hold.

Parents who have children that are under the age of two who have a disability may also be eligible for the Blue Badge. Each case will be assessed separately, badges are usually granted when bulky equipment has to be transported or when a vehicle is required for emergency matters.

When a Blue Badge is granted the usual length of time it is valid for is three years, after this time the applicant must reapply. Those who receive the badge due to temporary benefits from the DLA or those who receive it due to a war pension must reapply for the badge at the end of these payments. A Blue Badge will last the same time as these payments.

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